Oily Skin

  • Are there any vitamin supplements that I can take for oily skin? My skin tends to get shiny very quickly. It seems to be the root problem of my acne/pimples. Please advise.

    .Holistic medicine is an evolving concept at this time. We are now realizing the benefit of products used for centuries. For example, Cleopatra used to bathe in sour milk - this is our modern day alpha hydroxy acid.

    Currently, there are no vitamins/herbs that I am aware of to address oily skin. Daily maintenance with frequent alpha hydroxy washings and benzoyl peroxide creams benefits most people. Although, this is not a holistic approach, it works.

  • My forehead is very oily. My nose is somewhat oily. The rest of my faces is fine. I also don't have any acne. What can I do to get rid of the oily forehead. I'm a man, so I don't want to use makeup.

    Oily skin is a problem in many people. Treatment is daily maintenance to reduce the oil and keep the skin a little on the dry side. Alpha hydroxy acid washes, toners, and benzoyl peroxide creams are excellent for this. You may need to treat this like acne even though acne is not the problem.
  • I have blackheads on my nose and my nose constantly looks greasy even after I've washed it. How do I get rid of my blackheads and degrease my face?

    Simplified, oily skin is a product of internal stimulation and oil gland overactivity. Blackheads are dilated pores blocked with cell debris. Over the counter benzoyl peroxide washes and creams are very effective for decreasing oil on the skin. They must be used in the morning and usually mid day. Benzoyl peroxides also have an antibacterial effect and help decrease blackhead formation. The retinoids (retinol) are also very effective for blackheads. These products also help prevent blackhead formation. These products are best used at night.

    The above products are used for daily maintenance. If you already have stubborn blackheads, a warm washcloth (5min) and comedone extractor (located at the drugstore) are helpful - once or twice a week. Finally, glycolic acid facial treatments once a week help clean and exfoliate the skin

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