Ingrown Hairs

  • My husband has a condition that has plagued him for years. He gets tiny hard bumps on his neck and face that seem to become infected. He then uses a tweezer to relieve the pressure and sometimes a long thin white stringy material is pulled from the bump. It is not a white head substance. It is very hard to clear up the infected area. He has been to several doctors and they say the bumps and the picking of them is nervous dematitis? I don't believe it. There has got to be something he can apply to get rid of the bumps. Please help.

    Very common and difficult problem to address and cure. It sounds like he has a problem with ingrown hairs. This is a condition that usually can be controlled with daily skin care. INGROWN HAIRS (pseudofolliculitis barbae), also known as "razor bumps", occur in both men and women of varied ethnic origin. The cause can be twofold: (1) hair grows out and curls back on itself, and (2) hair is trapped under the skin. The result is skin that is red, tender and unsightly. Scarring and darkening of the skin can result. Plucking or tweezing may also cause ingrown hairs. This damages the hair shaft and results in abnormal hair growth.
  • I had been shaving my legs, but as a result, I have problems with ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and itchy irritations from it. I had recently tried Nads to see if that would relieve the ingrown hairs, but it is just as bad. What can I use that will not result in bumps or ingrown hairs? Also, from razor bumps, I have scarring and darkened areas (where the pores are) on my legs from thigh to ankle. What can I use to help rid or lessen the appearance of the darkened areas?

    Dark areas in the skin after inflammation is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The ultimate answer is to prevent the initial inflammation. Also, initially, the dark areas can be treated with a bleaching cream or gel. Finally, the shaving razor head may have bacteria. Change this often.
  • I have ingrown hairs on the face and legs. Is there anything that can be done about this?

    Ingrown hairs are a common problem in which the hair curves and grows back into the skin. Regardless of the location, the same treatments are used to address ingrown hairs.

    A more permanent way to address ingrown hairs is laser hair removal. For hairs that have pigment (color), the laser is most effective. "Peach hair" is least effective with laser treatment. You should consult a physician in your community to address the above and ask questions as the success of hair removal in relation to the color of the hair present.


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