Sheftel and Associates Dermatology, LLP is the first physician group in Arizona, and one of the first in the U.S., to offer the miraDry® Procedure, a new treatment option that provides a safe and lasting solution for excessive underarm sweat, a debilitating condition also known as primary axillary hyperhidrosis.

What is Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis?

Primary axillary hyperhidrosis is a medical condition in which more underarm sweat is produced than is needed to cool the body. Excessive underarm sweat can be debilitating and it can have a huge impact on someone's lifestyle and quality of life.

What Is miraDry®?

The miraDry® Procedure is a quick in-office treatment that delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the area under the arm where the sweat glands reside, and heats and eliminates the sweat glands. Since sweat glands do not regenerate, results are lasting. The procedure is non-invasive with little to no downtime, so patients can go about their normal routines after treatment. The miraDry® Procedure is performed in our office and takes approximately one hour. Please note that the miraDry System is indicated for use for treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis in adults 18 and older.

What Results Can I Expect?

  • 86% average sweat reduction (from one recent clinical study, results vary by person)
  • Lasting Results - sweat glands don't come back after treatment
  • Dramatic and Immediate Results

How Many Procedures Will I Need?

With the latest technique from miraDry, we're pleased to announce that some of our patients may now only require one (1) treatment! At three months post-treatment, we conduct an evaluation ("sweat test") to determine if a second treatment is needed.

What Are Typical Side Effects?

Some localized soreness or swelling will occur, but it typically clears within a few weeks. Of course, as with any medical procedure, there's always some risk. We can discuss those with you during consultation.

Who Is miraDry® For?

Patients who:

  • Are diagnosed with axillary hyperhidrosis
  • Are bothered by their underarm sweat
  • Have embarrassing underarm sweat outbreaks
  • Frequently re-apply antiperspirant
  • Are frustrated over constantly ruining clothes.

How Much Does The miraDry® Procedure Cost?

The initial treatment is $1,675. If a second treatment is needed, the cost for the second treatment is $925. The consult is free.

Please call (520) 293-5757, option 2, to schedule a consultation, or visit to learn more about the procedure.

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