• I am 24 years old. During my teen years I had numerous moles which have since disappeared but I am left with many white spots that are very unattractive and I want to know what I can permanently do to correct this. Please help.

    Disappearing nevi are called halo nevi. Many times moles will "disappear" without cause. The white or hypopigmented areas that are left behind will repigment with time.

    Outside of cosmetic make-up, there really aren't medical treatments to repigment the skin. Make sure you use sun protection as these areas are more susceptible to sunburn. I might add that you should see a dermatologist to ensure that none of your moles are worrisome.

  • I am 21 and about 6-12 months ago a small mole appeared on the underside of my upper arm. It looked normal with a light pink color and was very small, but long. A few days ago it turned completely black and seems to have shrunk. It is a very tiny tiny mole. Should I make an appointment with a dermatologist?

    Anything that turns "black" should be checked by a physician! Don't take chances with your health.

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