5 Ways To Love Your Skin In February

by Dr. Schwartz | Feb 02, 2021

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day here are some ways to show more  “love” to your skin:

  1. Show love by promising to use more sunscreen every day....even on days when you know you’re not going to do extended outdoor activities. Many people are good at applying sunscreen before golf or before a hike or a run but many are too lackadaisical on an average day.  
  2. Show love by keeping your skin better moisturized. Many of my patients say that they moisturize their skin but when I ask them more about it, I find what they are doing is inadequate. Putting a moisturizer on a couple or few times a week is not enough. It needs to be something people do multiple times daily. Even more times a day for people with certain skin conditions like eczema. 
  3. Show love to your skin by using a good moisturizing cream such as Cerave. Also keep your body well hydrated which will help keep your skin from drying out.
  4. Show love by finding a good skin care regimen and sticking with it. Just like new years resolutions, many times people will hear of a skin care regimen, buy it, but then fail to stick with it.
  5. Show love by talking with a skin care specialist and having them help me find the line of products that best suits my skin.

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