September's Q&A's with Dr. Sheftel

by HS Dermatology | Sep 23, 2020

We sat down with Dr. Sheftel to talk Retinols,and why he recommends it to his patients.

“I recommend retinols for the health and maintenance of skin.In the goal to achieving healthier skin,it helps prevent skin cancer in addition to an improved complexion and appearance".

What exactly does retinols do for your skin?
"Skin cells have receptors for rentinoic acid. When the cells are stimulated by retinols, the skin cells grow, collagen thickens and the skin is overall healthier".

What other products should be used in conjunction to retinols to keep your skin healthy?

“In addition to retinol, there are other products such as topical vitamin C and acids that help achieve healthier skin Combinations of these products used daily combat wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and roughness of the skin".

Any last advice?
"Lastly,don’t forget sunscreen to avoid the damaging rays of the sun.Daily care will help us all avoid skin cancer and have beautiful skin".

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