Lip Injections, What You REALLY Want to Know - Our February Special

by HS Dermatology | Feb 10, 2020

Let’s talk lip injections...Cosmetic Contouring

We have all seen people on T.V. and in person whose lips are overfilled or look unnatural. It might leave you feeling a bit fearful or create reservations about having lip injections, worried that you’ll look distorted or “over done”.

At HealthySkin Dermatology, lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure performed by a registered nurse or physician, whose goal is to help you to achieve natural looking, fuller, plumper, and more hydrated lips.

Julie Anderson, R.N., has been a cosmetic nurse injector with HealthySkin Dermatology for 19 years. Julie has helped many clients achieve their aesthetic goals using cosmetic fillers. She favors Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Volbella for lip injections. She says with confidence, “The use of these two products can add shape, structure, volume, and hydration to your lips. Both products contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic, that makes the treatment more comfortable. It is important for the patient to decide what it is they would like to achieve when having their lips injected. It’s also very important for the patient to understand their own anatomy, because this will determine which product should be used. You can’t make what you don’t have. If a person has thin, not well-defined lips we must slowly and safely build lips over a period of time. This can take months. If too much is injected at one session, the outcome will be a heavy lip that can take a downward turn. This can be very aesthetically unpleasing.”

Holly recently had her lips injected at HealthySkin after waiting years to do it, and she was willing to share her personal experience.

Why did you get lip fillers? What were you looking to achieve?

“I thought about filler for years! I received filler so that my lips would look fuller and more hydrated. “

Was the treatment uncomfortable?

“In the treatment room, she (Julie Anderson, R.N.), applied a numbing cream (that was amazing), and it did not hurt at all! It did feel a bit sore after the numbing cream wore off (for about an hour). I took a few Ibuprofen and was fine.”

How long were your lips swollen?

“I was swollen for about 2 days. They completely settled in 5 days. “

Would you do it again?

“I love them and can’t wait to add more! Wearing lipstick is a lot more fun!”

Lip injection consultations can be done at HealthySkin 5 days a week! Call us at (520) 293-5757, option 2.


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