Q.Dr. Sheftel, I have been told that I have Keratosis Pilaris. Can this condition effect your scalp? I think I'm experiencing that, can it be possible? THANK-YOU.

A.Keratosis pilaris is a benign follicular plugging condition that usually affects children, adolescents and young adults. The skin has follicular "plugs". These plugs are dead cells, oil and debris that are trapped in the pore opening. It is thought to originate from a genetic predisposition. Areas involved are usually the outer arms, upper legs and sometimes chest, back and face. The scalp would be an uncommon site. It is treated with acid washes and creams. Most people grow out of it in early adulthood.

Q.I was given a tetanus and antibiotic shot for an infected cat bite. Everything was fine for a week and a half and then I broke out with an itching rash over all of my body. I was given a shot and some prednisone tablets . It has helped the itching with the exception of my feet; especially the soles and my hands. Is this a typical reaction? It has been 3 weeks since the cat bite. My skin is blotchy all over.

A.Drug reactions can occur up to three weeks after exposure. The body reacts with an immune response that can present with itching or a body rash. The rash can occur on any part of the body. Treatment is first stopping the medication and then treating the symptoms. Call your doctor if the rash persists.

Q.Ever since I exposed my hands to a "foam like substance" for sealing around door frames and windows, my hands (around the fingers and nails) have had a blister like rash that seems to be moving around. Not spreading because the old area will heal and a new area close by will be very tender and almost have blister like sores directly under the skins surface. I have tried antihistamine creams, antibiotic creams, and anti-fungal solutions, and the rash keeps recurring. Please help.

A.Frequent hand rashes may be a sign of hand dermatitis. Many times this is from frequent daily irritation.