Acne Skin Care

Acne treatment should be a combination approach, of several products for best results. An acne care regimen should be designed with the goals of opening clogged pores (exfoliation) and controlling micro- bacteria and oil production.

Our acne skin care products are very effective when used as directed and in combination. Daily, consistent treatment is the key to success. Because these products contain a higher percentage of active ingredients than commonly found in over-the-counter preparations, treatment can cause drying or irritation. It is important to discuss the regimen right for you with your dermatologist. A non-comedogenic (oil-free) moisturizer with a sunscreen is highly recommended to prevent irritation from over-drying and sun exposure.

An effective combination of our most popular acne products. Includes: 10% Benzaderm wash, Gly-Sal pads, Benzaderm gel 10%, and a Comedone extractor. $52.00 (10% Savings) 

The same powerful antibacterial Benzoyl Peroxide found in our wash, in a leave on gel. $12.00

Benzoyl Peroxides are powerful antibacterial agents with effective exfoliating (pore opening) properties. This nonabrasive sudsing cleanser with Benzoyl Peroxide and Aloe Vera Gel is effective for the treatment of oily, acne-prone skin. Economical treatment for large areas such as back and chest. $16.00

An effective instrument for home extraction of "black heads" and "white heads." Easily used and cleaned. $8.00

GLY-SAL PADS 10% / 2%
This acne fighting combination of glycolic and salicylic acids is specially formulated to penetrate pores and accelerate the removal of dead skin cells that can clog pores and interfere with proper oil drainage of the skin. In combination with a benzoyl peroxide wash, provides effective treatment of mild to moderate acne. 60 easy to use pads. $22.00

Profoundly "A" Cream
This retinol cream is moisturizing and user friendly. Comparable to Retin- A, this is a milder formulation causing less irritation and side-effects than the prescription preparation. Originally formulated for the treatment of acne due to its ability to open clogged pores and improve the texture of the skin. Now used widely as an anti-aging treatment. $22.00