Acne Phototherapy

Acne Photo Facial With Levulan
Levulan PDT results in significant improvement in moderate to severe cystic acne. Levulan acne treatment inactivates the bacteria that trigger acne, exfoliates the skin to unclog pores, and decreases the activity of overactive sebaceous glands in the skin. This is exciting because sebaceous glands are the root cause in the formation of acne so it has a long lasting effect even on severe acne.

Beta Peel
The Beta Peel is a formulation of beta hydroxy acid, which allows for maximum penetration into fine lines and surface imperfections. Damaged, dull cells are lifted off the skin's surface. The procedure stimulates a "burst of renewal" within your skin to bring healthy, young, living cells to the surface. B-Lift is unique in that it can penetrate skin follicles - making it a well suited chemical peel for conditions such as acne and enlarged pores. This is a mild to moderate peel requiring no anesthesia with essentially no down time. Skin immediately feels smoother and tighter, with a rosy, healthy complexion.
Beta Peel $75.00